Yanks Looking For Possible Replacement For Roberto Cano

By | 2. November 2019

The air of apprehension and fear is slowly tightening its grip around the New York Yankees stable. Speculations have it that Roberto Cano, Yankees prized second baseman, could be wrapping up his contract with the club. According to rumors, Cano could be eyeing the free agent status prompting the general manager, Brian Cashman, to start looking for possible replacements. Already, there has been communication with his Cincinnati Reds counterpart, Walt Jocketty, to prepare a possible trade for Brandon Phillips, the Red’s all-star second baseman. Apparently, the trading could run the Yankees spending into millions of dollars, given the quality and performance associated with Philips.

The baseman has been touted as one of the lethal throwers, and most defensive second base point man in recent times. The prospects of Cano’s departure have kicked off possible drives to shop for other potentially lethal middle infielders. There are a number of replacements, who could end up filling in for Cano at the Bronx. Here are some of the names being flaunted for fresh trading.
Brandon Phillips

According to a report by CBSSports.com’s reporter, Jon Heyman, Brandon Phillips is the first option that could offer the Yankees the best replacement for Cano. Even though he could be available for sale, the Reds will certainly be looking to wring every possible dollar from teams looking for his services. Phillips could be running on a $50 million contract deal, set to run up to 2017. The Reds on the other hand will be keen to make the best out of the switch. The baseman is set to turn 33 in eight months, but has been consistent on the pitch. His incredible runs totaling to 103 in 2013, and the 706 OPS may have been below expectations. However, Philips remains as one of the best fielder even though his poor approach and an active long term contract could compound the move.
Omar Infante

After the news of Omar Infante becoming a free agent filtered into baseball circles, the Yankees are said to have made a wooing move to have infant warm up to the prospects of replacing the mighty Cano. Infante has had an impressive career spanning 12 years. He is believed to be in the $25 million per three years bracket. He has managed a promising 795 OPS this year, which is a recovery from a poor season back in 2011-2012. Infant has the benefit of being a versatile team player, while his salary bracket may leave the Yankees with some loose change.
Howie Kendrick

According to Heyman, Kendrick could be a good bet for the Yankees. With an $18.85 million tag on his two years remaining on his current contract with the Anaheim Angels Kendrick, can be a potential replacement if yanked into the Yankees hold. The 30 year old player may have been missing in action for over 40 games, but he managed to give an impressive performance throughout the year.

The prospects for the Yankees could open up wide and far if the few mentioned become a tedious choice. However, the three could be so far the most fitting substitutes in the event of Cano’s departure. While these could be nerve propositions if Cano does not make his final bow from the Bronx, the MLB Hot Stove will have the answers by the end of it all.

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