Reigniting Baseball Love in Your Populations

By | 2. November 2019

While there has been an ongoing debate whether baseball is losing its group on the thousands who made the game one of the popular in the US, a new angel has set in showing a sharp disinterest by kids in the game. According to previous observation by some media outlets, the number of young kids showing interest in the game is said to be on a downward trend with the greatest excuse being that kids have become interested in games associated with speed. Already there are factions that have asked for possible changed to the game.

Notably, baseball is only retaining its hold within older generations which are also fading out fast. The average baseball viewership is also said to be taking a blow as their viewers take more year on their age brackets. It has been verified that the latest viewer ratings have an estimated age of 54.4 years watching the sport, compared to a range of 49.9 years watching the game in 2009. The Nielsen research firm did find out that only 3.7 percent of the total audience watching baseball was made by the 6 to 17 age bracket for kids. The same bracket accounted for a 7.4 percentage watching the sport ten years ago.

It is true that baseball could compete with the NFL, but the comparison is too wide. The percentage representing kids in viewership for the NBA, NHL, and even the British Premier League could be way ahead of the number for baseball. Kids have shown a consistent trend gravitating towards preference for other sports, compared to baseball. The question to ponder over in the baseball context is what could have resulted in the gradual decline? Is it true that if changes were made in the game, it could end up attracting more kids? Could it actually recover in the shortest time, or it could be just another notion?

Whereas it is not fair to label kids who don’t watch baseball as non-fans, it is good to take a look at the available options for young kids. Previously, the premier league was a strange phenomenon. The NHL and the NBA did not make much of abuzz then. However today, the popularity of these games has gained a lot from the pitching and marketing initiatives. Other sports like football didn’t have a stable supply of stars, whose publicity was the missing link in the picture.

Today, almost the same scenario shows up with baseball. It is actually not about how it is being played, or the pace and thrill in the game. It boils down to the marketing aspect. Baseball greats might be big on in game scene, but once they disappear from regular TV appearances in ads or shows, there is a likelihood of the game losing touch especially within the young age bracket. Even thought baseball will gain by brand marketing initiatives, much more can be gained by marketing the game’s talents in an appealing way. This is the surest way of re-igniting the fire within young demographics to return to the baseball fold without much cajoling.

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