Mobile betting on Baseball

By | 2. November 2019

To me, mobile stuff is incredible. I’ve always been some sort of iPhone addict. Actually not really addict but I’ve been using it whenever I needed it. And that was pretty often the last couple of years. I’m also using it instead of other devices like navigational systems and stuff like that. But what I do like most is the opportunity to bet with your mobile. Especially on Baseball of course. But I also do a bit of Football and Basketball.

What is most important though is getting the right apps and sports bettors. There are a lot of shady companies out there, especially those that target the US market and that get in legal trouble on a daily basis. Same is true for online casinos btw. I have to admit that I really enjoy playing with my mobile but you can’t play everywhere as US citizen and that’s why you need some more input and information about this topic. There are some great sites like casinosonthago that show you exactly how and where to play mobile casino games for real money (play money is no issue of course as you are not wagering any money at all…). That’s what it is all about and that’s where you need to pay attention.

Anyways, there are some great articles about the sports betting topic here or here. And you should take a look at it before you just start playing anywhere.

Yes, it’s no real problem for operators to offer a great mobile gaming experience. Live betting with your mobile is the dream of millions of people in the US and anywhere in the world. And it is finally starting to become real. Especially some bookies in Europe (UK) are very advanced. They work on it for years ago and they made some nice progress. William Hill is a great example and I’m talking constantly to some friends from England. They are just happy to have opportunities like that and really enjoy mobile betting with their Android smartphones or iPhones.

I’m always asking myself how it would look like in the near future. Smart TVs are also a trend you can’t deny. Maybe you can watch sports and have all live bets beside you. This makes it even more comfortable as you don’t have to deal with two devices and it’s just one screen. This could be pretty nice when done properly.

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