Daily Fantasy Baseball: quo vadis?

By | 2. November 2019

It seemed like nobody was able to stop fantasy sports. Over 10% of US citizens were playing and most of them for real money. What nobody really understands is why it’s supposed to be different to sports betting. As everybody knows, this is illegal in the US. But nobody really understands the reasons why. Sure, some may be addicted but those who are find ways to bet anyways. And as there are no legal ways, there’s a lot of risk involved. I do not want to go that much in detail but the question is why should daily fantasy sports be legal and sports betting is not?

To me it is pretty obvious that you can’t have it both. Either both are legal or not. The insider trading scandal turns out to be a big issue that may cause the death of DFS in the USA. And as usual, it’s because some people just can’t get enough. If you’re in such a lucrative market you really don’t have to use insider information to get an advantage over your competition. We are not talking about Draftkings vs. Fanduel on a corporate level. No, about employees betting on competitors platforms.

In certain stats, DFS is already illegal now. Only thanks to this scandal. It’s very likely that it will catapult this industry back to the roots. And this time, they have to go the route other betting companies have to go. That is mainly sitting there, doing politics and try to get it all legal in the future. I’m not updating this blog very often. So if you’re interested in this topic you should follow sites like this to stay up to date on the current situation of fantasy baseball and sports in general.

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